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Frequently Asked Question!

Handmade Soap Process and Ingredients

Superfatting a soap means that the amount of lye used has been reduced, so that there is extra oil that is not turned into soap. These extra oils are then available for your skin to make use of, in addition to the glycerine for their moisturizing properties. All of our soaps have extra oils that act as moisturiser, why our soaps are great on the skin.

Yes, most likely you will be able to use our soaps because they are mild and moisturizing. Most commercial soaps are detergent based, using lots of synthetic ingredients, and that’s what usually causes skin reactions. That’s very different from how we make our soaps. We don’t use any artificial colorants, hardeners, latherers or preservatives. If you have allergies to fragrance, we suggest you select scents derived from 100% natural ‘Essential Oils’ only. Check for soaps without fragrance oil.

If you’ve experienced problems with other products,  try one of our soaps scented with a natural essential oil. If all goes well, perhaps you can then try one of our soaps made with fragrance oils. We use very high quality fragrances that you may be able to tolerate, even if you haven’t been able to tolerate fragranced products from other makers. You’ll have to be the judge on what is best for you.

All our soaps have some form of clay that heal and protect the skin. Most of the soaps we use Kaoiln clay, a white clay which is also on of the gentlest clays and other bentonite, Moroccan, French, Yellow clay  etc . It always help the bar to glide smoothly and help the skin in various ways.

Occasionally, you may see some white stuff on top of our soaps. This is called ‘soda ash’ and is a harmless substance that forms when air reaches a batch of soap in its first 24 hours of life.  It will rinse off the first time you use the soap.

We use a base recipe of four oils: Coconut ,Palm , Olive, Sunflower and Castor. To increase the moisturizing ability of our soaps we sometimes add goat/coconut milk. We use micas , a natural rock mineral and clays for coloring.  And scents using essential and fragrance oils.

Soaps scented with essential oils are 100% natural and soaps scented using fragrance oils are 95% natural.

No,. We’ve always tested them on friends and  family.

We do not use animal products that result in the killing  of that animal for the primary use in making our product. NO animal fat has been used in our base oils.

Yes, we do. We use goat milk in some of our soaps.

No. but we do take back any reusable jars.  Message us and we will tell you how.

Soap Bar Size and Use

Our regular bath size soap bars are approximately 7 cm by 7.5 cm by 2 cm wide. We sell these bars at a minimum weight 90g

Most of our customers say a bar of our soap lasts them between 4-5 weeks. This is based on normal use. If you’re lathering up six different times because you’re enjoying the scent and experience, obviously a bar isn’t going to last that long! As the saying goes – your mileage may vary.

Let your soap dry out between uses, by putting your soap on some kind of a soap dish that allows air to circulate around the bar or use a soap bag. A ‘proper’ soap dish will either raise the bar up for air to circulate from beneath, or contain air holes for drainage of water below the soap.  Our handmade natural soaps will last longer if you take care of them!

Our soaps usually stay ‘good’ for years. In fact, the older a soap gets, the longer it will last when you finally combine it with water in your shower. However, time does affect the intensity of a soap’s fragrance. For best fragrance, we recommend that you enjoy your soaps within six months of purchase. But we have had customers tell us about soap forgotten for years in their linen drawer that they are able to identify by scent years later! Remember that we don’t use any preservatives in our soaps, so protect them from humidity and extremes of heat and cold.

If you want to store a bulk of soap before you use it, store it in a dry area (not the bathroom ) like ur bedroom where there is venitilation.

Yes. But uust as different people’s skin requires different levels of moisture, you’ll need to test out which of our soaps gives your hair the look and feel you want. Our regular recipe soaps are generally used as shampoo bars by people with oilier scalp and hair, whereas if you have drier hair, you’ll probably want to try a goat milk.


Yes, absolutely. Just drop us a message or whats app at +94773043962 Pls provide the following details with your order

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Our Online Store operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our shipping days are Monday , Wednesday and Friday. But do contact us directly for urgent orders.

Yes, choose cash on delivery at checkout.

No, you do not need to set up an account. But we strongly encourage you to register. It will make checking out a snap, and also provide you with many perks, like your very own order history for easy re-orders, wish lists and easier checkouts in the future.

Shipping and Return Policies

We generally ship all orders by CoonectCo Courier service.  Other options are available upon request.

We normally ship individual customer orders within 2 business days, and once shipped , product will be delivered same day or the next for Colombo and Suburbs, out of Colombo will be 3-5 days.

If you place your order over a weekend, please don’t start counting business days until Monday! Or if it’s a holiday weekend. Orders placed during the season often take longer, especially if you are ordering, gift sets that need assembly, or if your order is especially large. We thank you in advance for your understanding.


If you are in a hurry and want to select expedited services , pls call us and kindly note there will be an express delivery charge.

Please contact us immediately to let us know what happened, and we’ll arrange for you to return the damaged item(s) to us. We will replace the item(s) free of charge including shipping.

If a package is obviously damaged upon arrival, please notify us immediately with details and images. The shipping carrier who delivered your package might need to come to your home to inspect the damaged order, so please keep all boxes, packaging materials, and product intact if you want to process a claim.

We want you to be 100% satisfied with our soap. If for any reason, you are not satisfied, let us know. We’ll do our best to make it right for you. Please keep in mind the nature of natural, personal care products, and understand that we cannot accept for exchange items that you have opened, handled, cut or used. We do not accept the return of products because a customer doesn’t care for the scent of the product they ordered. Shipping costs are always non-refundable.

Weddings, Showers and Gift Baskets

Yes, we provide guest favors for Weddings just about every weekend of the year. All our soap varieties are available for you to select from, and our favor packaging options allow us to provide labels with the initials of the bride and groom.  We can wrap soap in fabrics/paper that are the same colors of your wedding /pary theme and you can select a soap that has meaning for you both.  We consider all wedding favor orders to be custom orders, requiring a 50% down, 50% upon delivery (or shipment) payment arrangement, thus we don’t process them as internet orders. To learn more, take a look at our Wedding & Shower Favor page, call us or email

Yes, we do, please read the section above on Wedding Favors and view our Favor page to get some ideas of what might be right for you, your guests and your event.

Sure do – give us a theme, preferred colors, and a budget amount and we’ll select soaps, skincare,  candles,

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