Why use Suds&Co.

Suds&Co. soaps are “Made in Sri Lanka” using high quality ingredients. Since our products are made by hand, we know exactly what goes in. What we leave out is as important as what we leave in. You can be assured that our soaps do not contain animal fat,  artificial hardeners, preservatives, latherers or hydrogenated vegetable oils, synthetic preservatives or soap dyes.

Soap are made using the cold-process method handed down through generations of soap makers. It creates no wasted by-products and relies on old-fashioned elbow grease, with every bar poured, cut and packed by hand, right here in Sri-Lanka. Our reusable and recyclable packaging leaves you completely guilt free. The soap is biodegradable too, so it’s better for the planet even once you’ve used it.

Our products are cruelty-free, our friends and family the willing participants. Add  to all this the rich creamy lather ,  gentle and nourishing for whichever bits of your body you use them on.

Suds & Co. soaps and deo have become a household staple in our home for as long as I remember. The quality of the products are great and you can tell a lot of care has been put in to making these products. It’s also a really good alternative to commercial products that contain ingredients and come in packaging harmful to the environment. We’re hooked! Shazna Zuhyla

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How it all started..

Hi !  My name is Rishada and I am the creator behind Suds&Co.  

The soap making journey started as a DIY project in 2019 when I realized a lot of plastic waste came from hygiene products. The growth of synthetic and harmful products in plastic bottles was something many wanted to move away from and soap seemed a great place to start. My initial bars , which turned into gifts for friends and family came back for more and this started me making soap for sale.

Being an artist and a photographer, color has been a huge part of my life. Making soap allows me to play with color, patterns and fragrances. I truly believe soap can be more than just functional! From the extra gentle creamy goat milk soap, unique beautiful soap scented with fragrance oils, the all natural soaps made with essential oils, rosettes created beds of roses , bold bright patterns to the neutrals. I hope you enjoy using them as much as I enjoy making them.

Rishada for Suds&Co. –

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